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More table #drawing at #wondercon #sketch #doodle #brush #ink #medusa #snake



Page 3.

Page 2.

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Happy Cambodian New Year #khmer #cambodia #apsara #2014 #dance

Page 1. Another page will be posted in an hour. Turn your stereos up.

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I will be posting a new page of this comic every hour today to start this series off in high gear while I’m exhibiting at WonderCon. Follow bokeexpressway to always get new pages as I post them.

(Source: bokeexpressway)

Starting this comic off with a drag race. Go to and follow to read all the pages I post today. Starting this series out in high gear and posting 5 pages throughout the day.

Also come find me at #WonderCon at booth AA-181 in artist alley.

Made a new header for the site of my webcomic, bokeexpressway. Soon to be getting it restarted so it needs a proper website. Stay tuned. 

I wish I could be as fashionable as some of my characters from @bokeexpressway, but I just don’t like to go shopping.